Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Hey! Just to let you know about my absence and lack of posts recently......
I have been out of town or busy trying to get ready to go out of town and keep up with cleaning things in the midst of a major bathroom remodel.

I just got back in from Moses Lake late Monday night (early Tuesday morning???) Had a good trip but being in the water is not what it used to be. I got a headache and I am not sure if it was from being in the sun too long when I am not supposed to be, from glaring into the sun and wind while tubing (no more water skiing as I don't have the balance), or from getting lost under the water with a dang life preserver and wetsuit on! (I got pulled under and disoriented and could not put my head above the surface.....Apparently I was swimming sideways butt up with my head submerged before I finally opened my eyes and found the light. The point is that I took in lots of algae laden water into my sinuses and swallowed some. Yummy! Not.)

Other than that and realizing I probably need to take some private swimming lessons, I had a fantastic visit with my family! My sister and her beau came from Idaho and my brother and sister in law came from Portland to pick me up and drive me to our parents. Because we are going on vacation next week, Harley had to work and was not able to accompany us.

Hopefully I will have a chance later today or tomorrow to write more about it. If not, I will be leaving again on friday and gone for another week. Now that Katie is improving and has been off leash in the yard for almost a month, we can finally take a vacation. Prior, we could not go for more than just a day trip. Therefore, we are heading to Victoria, BC for a couple days and exploring the coast and camping on VanCouver Island for the rest of our 7 day adventure. We are hoping to make it up to Tofino.

Oh yeah! Harley bought a huge spotlight for me as I have great difficulty walking around in the dark and usually have to get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom. (or lack there of while camping. LOL It would not be cool to roll over and fall in some sticks with my pants down in the middle of the night!)

So between now and then if I do not have a chance to blog before we leave, I will see you all again in September. Have a great end of the summer and August!

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