Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Blood Clot

Friday morning was my third ultrasound appointment to followup on a blood clot which formed in my right calf after surgery. Even after all my walking it is still there and the same size. However, my doctor phoned that evening to let us know that blood is actually flowing through it now whereas it was not before. I chose the route 3 weeks ago not to take blood thinners as I was on enough medication as it was. The risk of it migrating to my lungs or heart was extremely low and my activity level high. Therefore, I chose to keep active and let it dissipate on its own which it has started doing by allowing blood to pass through it. It will take some time for it to completely go away but if I keep up my walking of 20 miles or more a week and I return to my leg lifting routine at the gym like I did today, it will pass.

Incidentally, friday started off very poorly. I definitely was feeling the lower steroid taper that I had just started the day prior. I got so sick on the ride to the hospital in Kirkland that I started crying when we parked the car. Harley asked me what was wrong and I told him I was just feeling sorry for myself because I hated being sick and did not want to be sick. I had 2 other crying fits the day prior which was my first day at a dose of no steriods. I really hate drug withdrawals but it was tolerable. Tomorrow will be the first day without any medication (steriods or diamox) so hopefully it is not too bad and I will get through it without great difficulty.

Despite really feeling quite crappy in the morning on friday, I managed to find postives in the day to salvage it.
  • Harley got brought me roses in the morning. (very unique: pastel greenish white on the outside and pink on the inside)
  • On the ride to Kirkland I saw the lightly snow capped Olympics mountains because it was such a nice day. I don't think I have seen them since before the surgery.
  • The day was beautiful and sunny.
  • I was feeling better in the afternoon and managed to get out and enjoy the fresh air (and not the cigarette smoke infested air outside the hospital and the two stores we stopped at). I am really glad we live out here where the air is clean and pure. People in the UP would totally understand this. Comforting smells aside from the seasons are woodstoves warming people's houses as cooler weather approaches.
  • On the ride to the trail out in Carnation I was blessed with a gorgeous view of the Cascade mountains and graced with the majestic presence of Mt. Rainier on the walk back.

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Anonymous said...

That is one of the best things about living in Michgan, the fresh air. Like when you go through summer enjoying the sun, then in fall you start the prepare for hunting season and winter. Then, one morning you step outside and you breathe in the fresh crisp clean Michigan winter air. I love that.