Wednesday, October 31, 2007

More Halloween Fun!

LOL I bought these costumes on sale after the holiday and I have waited a whole entire year excitedly to put them on the dogs. I was concerned about missing all the fun and trying out these costumes I so eagerly anticipated as my surgery was supposed to be at the end of October. Fortunately I did not miss out and dressed them up in both which I had no problems with them what so ever. I was not sure if they would tear them off each other but they were really good and almost acted as if it was a special deal wear them.

The package said large but they must have meant a large small dog as they barely fit as capes! The strap around their bodies had no chance of making it arond. That is why they have strange flaps hanging off their costumes that only fit a third of their body size.

Katie is supposed to be a giraffe and Jake a K-9 cop.

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