Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Cool Post-Surgery Effects

I have experienced a few amazing things after this surgery which I hope are not just temporary from the steroids. These things are so incredibly cool that I must share them.

1) the feeling in my fingertips has returned after 3 years being numb

2) I can walk around with my hands in my pockets without falling over or losing balance like I have over the last 3 years

3) I can take a walk without having to go to the bathroom 15 minutes to a half hour later.

These things may seem rather simple and one may completely take them for granted but I tell you having lost those functions became extremely irritating to me and to have them return has me completely estatic!

The first and second I lost after having the cyberknife in 2004. Several times I felt like I had butter fingers and I would become so frustrated that I would want my hands cut off which I fortunately realized was really stupid and would exacerbate the problem. In college I was phenemonal at dissection and if I wanted to I could have been a surgeon. Lab was my absolute favorite! However, I was a zoology major and animal surgeons do not fare as well as people surgeons for the amount of education and time one puts into it. I was good with my hands in many ways with art being one of them. But after the radiosurgery that all came to a close and putting on a simple necklace and earrings became near impossible. I did learn to do it (certain ones) but it took a long time of practice over and over again taking me 10-15 minutes to get the necklace on. In many cases it just took too long and I would have to have Harley help me. (Gee since surgery I have not worn any jewelry. I should try it out today and see how it works.)

Another thing which prior I totally took for granted and had no idea of was simply slipping my hands in my coat or pants pockets. After cyberknife I did not anticipate this problem at all nor was my body adjusted to or ready for the change. There are several times when I forgot my imbalance putting my hands in my peacoat only to stumble around the store like a drunkard and nearly fall over. It was a hard one to remember as I often casually strolled around public places with my hands in my pockets. I had no idea this was a regular mannerism of mine until I embarassed myself by knocking things over and tripping routinely until I got it through my thick skull not to do it anymore. Yet after the surgery with the weather getting chillier, I naturally did this often while walking without a problem at all. It probably took me a week to have the epiphany of this marvelous change.

Finally what has been a MAJOR pain in my rear is the urgency I have had for YEARS getting worse as the tumor got larger. While in the hospital they had me on continuous IV fluids so I was constantly going every hour or two. But remember that I also was undergoing the swelling phase post surgery. My face was huge. Yet when I came home and started doing my regular walks for an hour, I NEVER had to stop and go to the bathroom! Prior to surgery I had episodes where I would go before leaving the house, 15-30 minutes into the walk, and then I barely made it home to go again after the walk. It was getting absolutely ridiculous and became a daunting annoyance/concern anywhere I went. One particular time last week I actually lasted over 3 hours before needing to use the restroom and that was when drinking lots of fluids and having a water bottle with me on my walk. I still wake up at night and go but I am completely overjoyed to actually complete an hour walk without having urgency. For those who have no idea what it is like, I cannot tell you how freeing it is.


Anonymous said...

First of all, I am new to your blog. My cousin had nf2, before she died this summer in a surgery. But your entries are some what uplifting for me. So, Congradulations! I can only imagine what you are going through, but, personally, this entry is very comforting. Never Give Up!
Kristie S.

KC said...

I know EXACTLY what the 'hands in ur pockets' thing is like! i got to where i could not do that but i am happy to say i can now! hopefully this will last for u, it did for me!