Monday, October 08, 2007

First Appointment Since Leaving Hospital

This morning I visit with my neuro-ophthalmalogist for follow-up. The appointment was actually made and scheduled prior to the original surgery date (I was due for a checkup which happens every 4-6 months). It just so happens that it conveniently works out right after surgery which is actually better.

As you are aware, I had lots of problems with double vision after the surgery. I have been assured by many with NF2 who have gone through the surgery themselves that this is normal to happen. Further, Dr. Delashaw (the surgeon) has also informed me that it is normal for the double vision to occur after a craniotomy as the brainstem has been shifted and needs time to adjust.

Following are questions that we will address at the appointment today:

Questions for UW eye appointment October 9th, 2007

How do the visual field test, vision tests, and optic nerves look as compared to prior to surgery?

Now that I have gone through the surgery, is it likely that the papilledema has subsided?

At OHSU they wanted me to try going off the Diamox for a trial period (Per Dr. Eagan’s request). How long will we try this for?

What do we do if the papilledema returns?

If the papilledema returns, will I have to explore surgery to relieve intracranial pressure? If so, what would that entail? How soon would I need to make a decision about it?

After the surgery I had lots of problems with double vision which has gotten better. Still I get double vision when tired, looking down, or looking to the right. Headaches ensue when using the computer and reading. Will this continue or eventually subside? How long will it take to improve?

What happens if my vision does not return back to normal? What options are available?

The nystagmus is worsened (more in the right side). Will it improve over time?

How long before you feel I can safely drive?

Can I expect the vision problems/double vision to happen when treating the next tumor (vestibular schwannoma on the left side) via surgery or radiosurgery?

What happens if the vision complications from the next treatment are permanent? What can be done?

Will tear production ever return?

An enlarged blood vessel has appeared above my right eye that was not there before surgery. What is causing it and will it stay enlarged now?

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Anonymous said...

Rebecca, Nice to hear of your recovery. I am so glad the surgery worked out well. I see Dr. Egan regularly, too. About once a year I go and see him. I had vision disturbances with two meningiomas. Those were the first two I had surgery on. I still have a blind spot. He tests my vision field yearly and it is always about the same. I am sure your double vision will subside. My first surgery it took about 3 weeks. With my last one it took about 3 months. I love to check in and hear your updates. Gale