Friday, October 05, 2007

Petering out

This is going to be short as I have hit the point of lethargy now. Hopefully that means I will finally get some real rest after 2 weeks with none. Seriously I do not think I have slept longer than 2-3 hours consistently (if even that long) since being knocked unconscious during the craniotomy. I was concerned prior but was expecting to get more rest which did not happen.

Today is the lowest dose of steroids I have taken since the trigeminal neuralgia episodes leading up to a much sooner surgery. Therefore I have been on them about 3 weeks and tomorrow is the final day of the taper schedule. Sunday I will be off of steroids and perhaps I will have a good week of sleep which I direly need right now.

Things have been getting better and better everyday and it is almost hard to fathom I had a brain surgery. The concept has not fully settled in with me yet.

Although tired and mentally groggy today I still was able to focus on tasks and walk two laps around Marymoor dog park which is HUGE! My mom says I can walk in a straight line and I also was able to keep my pockets in my pants during most of our walk. I keep focused forward and concentrate on going straight ahead as turning the head either way will disorient me. It sure is nice to get outside in the fresh air and the dogs love the treat of going to the park. There I can concentrate on my footing while they run around and play.

Eating is sure nice. Eating is sweet as a matter of fact after not being able to eat for so long. I am sure glad to have an appetite back! I hated being nauseated! My weight is starting to pick up now that I can eat normally and this afternoon I made it to 119 pounds! (Chuckle) I get pretty hungry too!

Good news! My camera was missing and we located it yesterday morning in my gym bag we brought! I was so happy and enjoyed looking back at all the good times we had leading up to the surgery. I also was happy so I could finally take photos of my wellness table I set up. All the wonderful cards, flowers, and balloons I have displayed on a pretty table cloth in the kitchen so I have good vibes and cheer when I wake each morning. I wanted to post a picture but it seems I am having trouble downloading the photos right now.

This will probably have to wait until Sunday evening as tomorrow is my first ALDA (Association of Late Deafened Adults) meeting an hour south of here. My dad will be driving up from Oregon to meet us and then he and mom will head back home Sunday. She has been with us 2 weeks (1 in the hospital and 1 here at our house). She has been really amazing in staying with me and helping out. I could not have gone through all this without her and I cannot fathom those who undergo surgery alone. It must be really scary. Harley and I greatly appreciate her being here and all the love, help, and support of friends and family. We cannot thank you enough!

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Unknown said...

Hey Beck.. I've been reading your blog through your whole surgery/recovery, and I'm so glad you're doing so great. It makes me feel better about my upcoming surgery. Has the TN gone away since the surgery? I hope so! Anyway, just wanted to say hello and I hope you continue on with the speedy recovery. Hopefully you can get some good sleep soon too.

Sarah in BC