Saturday, October 13, 2007

It's A Record!


I finally did it. 2 weeks and 4 days of only 3 hours of sleep or less at a time, and last night the sleepless streak was broken! Granted I did wake up once during the evening to use the restroom after 3 hours but I went back to bed and continued to sleep over 4 hours more uninterupted. That is over 7 hours of sleep with waking up once which my body has not been able to achieve since the surgery. It feels so good to have finally gotten some rest.

Of course yesterday was my 1 mg dosage of Decadron (the steroids) and today is my 2mg dosage. So let's hope I get the same or better sleeping results tonight. If not, I will have to increase the sleeping pill dosage from 1/2 pill to a full pill.

For anyone having sleeping difficulties, Ambien is what my doctor prescribed to me. You need to get a prescription for it. The generic name which will cost you less at the pharmacy is Zolpiden Tartrate 10 mg tablets.

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