Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hike Recovery

We are doing well! The first day we were a bit stiff and sore but the training, IB Profen, and ice water bath after the hike were very effective. Harley is back at the gym (Gold's in Redmond) working with his trainer while I have continued to increase my walking time per day (30 minutes Monday, 40 minutes Tuesday evening, and 55 minutes last night). In addition, it felt great to be back at water aerobics yesterday where there was the largest class I have ever seen since I started over a year ago.

The soreness is definitely gone but our energy levels have been kind of sapped. I was going to do my weight lifting routine at the gym yesterday but I was way too tired. I had a hard enough time staying awake on the 15 minute ride home from town. I was very tempted to pull over and take a nap! When I finally got to our driveway I was too tired to get out and check the mail so I fell asleep for a 25 minute power nap in my truck! The dogs were probably kind of confused why I did not finish driving up the driveway and was sitting in the truck for so long. Harley has been very sleepy too and immediately conked out on the couch when he came home from work. On Monday and Tuesday night I had already crashed before he got home and he was unable to wake me.

It is strange that way. I put all my energy into what I am doing and feel fine during the activity. Later, I am extremely lethargic and have a hard time keeping my eyes open. Perhaps I am running on adrenaline at the time until it becomes depleted.

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KC said...

YAY that u did the hike!
kudos to u! and u earned that tired feeling!