Friday, October 02, 2009

My birthday dress

I decided go out all out this year and really celebrate my birthday. I mostly did not think much about it with all this surgery stuff coming up and with being a nervous wreck about completing things before it is time. Harley has actually told me to settle down a few times. Sometimes I let myself get stressed out enough that I get in tears freaking out that thing will not be finished by my surgery date. I told you! It is like planning a wedding. Instead of a "BRIDEZILLA" I have turned into a "SURGERYZILLA".

Back to the point, while I was at Ross last week to make a return, a pretty dress caught my eye and I thought "Why not?". It is not often that I buy myself one and my birthday would be a good excuse to dress up for a change and go out. Afterall, I have LOTS to celebrate! I made it to 38 years old and been weathered through many storms to get there! What more reason for a special occassion? Furthermore, this past year and summer have been the best since this whole NF2 situation snowballed in 2004. I am very thankful to make it through and have a good quality of life currently.

Do I tried on the dress for kicks and it fit perfectly! Must have been meant to be. So I bought it!

A few facebook friends wanted me to post photos of the dress to see. I misplaced my camera on my actual birthday so it is a good thing we had to go out again last night. I even went all out by buying some matching earrings, necklace, bracelet, nail polish, and convincing my sweet male neighbor to come over and paint my nails because his wife was out for the evening.

Hey, see! Glamour can be done on a very thrifty budget! ;-)


Unknown said...

You look great Beck, beautiful dress! I hope you had a fabulous birthday.

Rebecca said...

Thanks! Yes, I just love this dress! Can't wait to wear it again! LOL I am such a girl at heart! ;+)