Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Puffy coats equal warmth

LOL, Merrie is going to kill me when she finds out I posted this photo of her wearing her puffy coat! She thought she looked huge in her down coat next to me in my thin North Face fleece lined jacket (it does not get that cold near Seattle so other than Kilimanjaro, I have not had a need for a down coat). Merrie on the other hand is both a skier and a climber and thus has her big bright yellow coat. I think she looks pretty cute in it though.

It was pretty cold up north so everyone needed to bundle up and dress warm. After 4 hours of snowshoeing up the ski hill, my fingers were bitter cold. I desperately had to stick them down my pants between my outer layer and thermals and wiggle them around to get the sensation back in them.

Merrie and Pedro dress in many layers to keep warm on the mountain. The day we went back I think the temp was 15 degrees. Pedro wore 4 layers of pants!!!!




Unknown said...

Merrie is sexy in that Orange Nuptse!

Anonymous said...

I just have the biggest urge to snuggle with her !!

KH said...

Hi. She look great in that TNF you could tell her :)