Sunday, May 22, 2011

Celebrating Life

In addition to pursuing everything possible to get my head and attitude in the right place before surgery, my sister and I thought up making an event out of my last day with a "presurgery send off". Why be glum and approach your pre-surgeryday as a "last supper"? I have to confess to you I am greedy! I want to soak up as much life as available to me packed into months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. Fretting about the surgery is not only an annoyance but also a frustrating hinderance cramping my lifestyle. So I let go to fully take in the moment.

Inspired by my optimistic outlook that I was going to pull thru and that the survival of such a major operation should be celebrated with the same enthusiasm as a birth, new job, new house, wedding, graduation, etc., so too should one's remarkable ability to endure and rise above a harrowing trauma. Upon concieving this idea, it became apparent to me that I most certainly have cause for celebration! I have survived 18 years beyond a cancer expiration date. Not only did I survive them, but I am very proud to have lived them fully with satisfaction. I am very pleased to feel I have lived a "dash". This is the balance with living with brain tumors and NF2. We cannot get down and discount my remission. Despite having problematic growing brain tumors (that are not cancer), we still need to honor and recognize reaching each remission anniversary for the beautiful life I have been blessed with.

Amazingly this signifcant date landed smack dab before my surgery! It all fell into place. My loving sister made a fun day of it starting off with a fun scavenger hunt game in the sand dunes and a delicious ice cream cake and goodies from my family for the surgery (snacks, special toiletries, nice smelling candle, cheerful plant and balloon, and books to pass the time).

In the afternoon we headed back to my parent's home in Scappoose to get in a light dinner, me a relaxing bath, and early to bed for all of us as 5 am was going to beckon before we knew it. (My surgery check in time was 6:30 am).

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