Tuesday, May 10, 2011

When "brain moles" get busy

These are my MRI images taken at the NIH over the last year. The most recent image is on the left with the image on the right from a year ago and the one 6 months between each.

Actually, my brain looks rather fantastic compared to prior to my first brain surgery in 2007 when tumors on either side of the brainstem were nearly pinching it off. Even so, the last tumor operated on is showing signifcant growth which the doctors want to address before it grows too much and causes problems by putting pressure on the brainstem again.

By the way, if you have not already figured it out, the white stuff are the tumors. The image series on the right is a different perspective and plane of viewing my brain from the top down. Yes, that white you see are other tumors. In all honestly, I have never been certain of the exact number of tumors in my brain. We deal with one or 2 at a time which are most concerning (the ones surrounding the brainstem). Otherwise, to consider them all is quite overwhelming.

It is difficult to see but there is a dark shaded area protruding from the left side of the mass. That is thought to be the cyst which the surgery team plans on draining.

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