Sunday, May 22, 2011

Vacation of the Mind

It has become tradition with each brain surgery to start out in a place of peace, solace, and serenity to prepare our mental thoughts and attitudes for the intensity that lie ahead. My favorite place to connect with my inner self is the particular visiting the Hammond Beach house in Pacific City, Oregon.

For my past 2 brain surgeries, we were not in a position that we could take the dogs along. As a result, they became REALLY stressed out exhibiting odd behaviors. So even the dogs needed to take a vacation of the mind before the big day. Fortunately since my last surgery, my parents relocated outside of Portland and we were able to bring the dogs along on this whole surgery adventure.

We left with the dogs on a Wednesday and spent 2 entire days on the beach with amazing weather and glorious sunsets before my family joined us for the weekend. Each day we got in a good beach walk/dune exploration and I went for long runs the last 2 days before the surgery to get in some last mileage before at least a 4 to 6 week activity restriction.

The photo you see here is from the day before the surgery when I went for a 58 minute coastal road run out of town and ran back along the beach and over the HUGE Cape Kiwanda dune I must climb on every visit. The dogs are dressed with their "survivor" bandanas we all wore for the scavengar hunt game my sister planned. Coincidentally, the anniversary of my 18th year of remission from cancer landed the day before my surgery so we decided to approach this whole experience in style with a small party.

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