Friday, May 27, 2011

Reflective Moments

Photos by Rebecca Dufek

Well I'll tell you, I don't think a whole lot needs to be said in this post. The pictures themselves explain everything and you can understand why going to the beach, this particular beach, is a necessary presurgery tradition for us.

We are so glad we were able to take our dogs with us this time and it was SO NEEDED for them as much as it was for us! (THANK YOU Dave and Christie Hammond for so graciously opening your get away home to us again and again!!!) This escapade of taking them to the coast and then to my parents I think has been a vacation of a lifetime for them. Truly they are having a ball and this is the first time before surgery they were not really stressed out . I think they barely noticed anything happened to me. The morning of surgery it was just as if my family and I were just taking off somewhere routinely for the day albiet really DANG early! Then a few days later I came back as if I went on vacation somewhere and have walked them as usual everyday since!

It was amazing to watch them really cherish the sunset! I could not believe it! They were VERY into it and were reluctant to leave just like people. I have often watched Jake at our 2 homes either sit on a hillside looking out at the view or on the deck admiring the trees blowing up above. It is as if he is absorbing the beauty just as I would and he is deeply in thought. I have many times wondered what is going through his mind. But the sunset was really cool because it is very vibrant and in color. They seemed to pick up on this which I found engrossing.

The first 2 nights we were there by ourselves we enjoyed the most magnifcent Hawaii style sunsets. It was heavenly!

The pics turned out so great that it was a tough choice which ones to post. I will have to put together an album for you maybe this weekend now that I have them uploaded.

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Michelle DeGrand said...

The photos of the pups are absolutely FANTASTIC! How funny they are just sitting there enjoying the view! Beautiful photos Beck!