Monday, May 16, 2011

Under the Knife

Becky is now in surgery and we just received an update that she is doing well, everything is stable, and they're starting their work. This is her sister giving periodic updates... Becky was up at the crack of dawn to check in at the hospital which was actually a good thing, since she said she was too tired to be nervous. She seemed very prepared and calm, even yawning as they were wheeling her into the OR! As always she was chatting up all the medical staff who came to get her ready for the surgery. :-) We'll keep updating the blog as we hear from the surgical staff throughout the expected five hour surgery. I just want to say thank you to everyone who is thinking of her and praying that all will go well... the support has been amazing and is incredibly uplifting for Becky. We are all so appreciative!! Special thanks to Shantelle Hoskins Pitts and her son Kaydin who came to sit with us while we wait for news. Shantelle has numerous cases of NF2 in her family, including herself and her youngest son who was recently diagnosed at just three years old. It's amazing how many wonderful people there are in the NF community, but a shame we all have to meet because of NF. Stay tuned and we're hoping we can bring more good news throughout the day!

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