Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 2 after surgery and I am up!

These are a couple photos taken shortly after I was able to get dressed Wednesday morning after the nurse took out my catheter. As soon as that thing is out, I take that awful gown off, happily put on a pair of underwear, and get into some of my cozy PJs! :D

The top photo is a gorgeous flower arrangment that was delivered from my husband's business coach at Kinder Reese. We never have met but they did a fabulous job picking out flowers and colors I LOVE! Thank you so much! I was so surprised!

In the photo below, my NF2 friend in London and his wife Maddy sent me this sweet personalize get well card. Thank you for your cheer all the way on the other side of the globe!

What is sticking out of my neck? GROAN Needles and I are not friends. It is like my veins have intelligence and at any visual cue my brain recieves of a needle or knowledge of one coming, they gol into serious hiding. There is an exact science to finding a usable vein on me and even if everything is followed to a T, there is still no guarantee we are going to get one to agree with us. Normally the requirement is heating pads on the veins to bring them out, sometimes I need to pump my arm, the tiniest of neeedles we can get away with must be used (often the butterfly), and the best luck is in the top of my hands as the veins in my arms tend to roll.

So anyhow, in ICU it turned into a big ordeal and my bruises in my battered arms and remnants of several needle pokes are finally starting to fade. For I do not know how long, several nurses came and an ultrasound machine was used to try to find my veins!!! That was a first. They had difficulty at my last surgery too so what they did was give me a direct IV in my neck. I am not sure why but the nurses were not trained to do that and if I understood correctly, I had to wait for a paramedic to arrive and place an IV in an artery in my neck. So that is what that tube is doing hanging down from my hair on my right.

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