Friday, August 05, 2005

Simple Pleasures

My gosh! I just made myself a glass of chocolate skim milk that was absolutely fantastic! I had to get my calcium in and we have lots of milk here (Harley is not drinking it because it has too many carbs.......He is doing the south beach diet thing that I think would absolutely kill me.)

I made the concoction in one of my favorite glasses that my friend brought me back from Anchorage, Alaska. Basically it is a heavy duty type of beer glass (even though I don't drink beer....hehe). I used to love to drink out of those glasses but alas my facial paralysis had made the task a challenge. I successfully took a sip (slurp) but a drip of milk still leaked out the right side and dripped down the side of the glass. I thought, "Ok it is too hot of a day and I am too thirsty to fool around with this monkey business!" Therefore I whipped out a straw and sucked down the glass in a minute or two!

Words cannot describe the exhilarating feeling! The best way to describe it is as if I had walked the Mojave Desert, was extremely parched and desperately in need of water. Ok maybe that is a little bit of an exageration but I felt like a person who walked the desert and finally relieved his/her thirst with a nice cool bottle of water.

Other joys of the day: I have had in my head the tune from Prince "Take Me With You" for a few days now. I think it all started when I was looking up at the stars and the tune "Arms of Orion" popped into my head. I like those songs but I was thrilled this afternoon when one of my favorite Gaelic songs by Loreena McKennit came blaring through my brain with a triumphant force! "The Old Ways"

Angel I know this will make you pop in the CD as I remember it also being one of your favorites. ;o)


Angel said...

hehhehehehe!! As a matter of fact I was listening to it yesterday!!

Rebecca said...

LOL I figured you were! Maybe that is why I "heard" it in my head all of a sudden! (subliminal mind transfer)