Wednesday, September 12, 2007

1 month 9 days before surgery OR SOONER

Don't feel much like typing right now. Yesterday (1 month 10 days post surgery) I had a scary episode and painful attack to the ear and upper cheek/jaw/face like electricution (who cares if it is not spelled correctly).

Anyhow sounds like Trigeminal Neuralgia. See the link in the post title by clicking on the lighthouse icon.

I just experienced my 4th episode that was not as bad as the first fortunately.

I am on steroids again (4 mg of decadron a day).

Today we moved up my followup MRI to immediateness (head and spine). Fortunately and thankfully my friend Skip brought me to my appointment. Harley was concerned about me driving myself to Seattle in the advent that I had another attack (which just so happened - 3rd attack- on HWY 520 approaching the bridge over Lake Washington.

Thanks Skip! I really enjoyed having you there with me. Harley and I GREATLY appreciate your help!!!!!

So we will play it by ear (funny pun eh....did not realize until after I wrote it). If the steroids do not alleviate the attacks and it continues, we will most likely need to have the surgery sooner.

I need to rest for now.

Have a good evening/sleep/morning/day!

- Beck

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