Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Best Evening So Far

Great news from the recovery room! When my mom and I came back to the room, Harley, Scott, and Denise were all there and Becky was talking like a magpie! It was so great to see her smiling and feeling better. She was finally able to hold down some dinner (roast beef and potatoes, and later a snack of applesauce) and there were several beautiful flower bouquets on the window sill! She's still in some pain and has double vision but she's doing much better. The new nausea medication she's on, Reglan, seems to be working better than any of the others they've tried. It's also been nice to get feedback on the comments board... thank you Gale! She was very comforted to hear your double vision after the surgeries went away and that you were so confident in Dr. Delashaw. Well, it looks like we're going to settle in for another night, one where Becky hopefully can get some good, quality shut eye. Check back and have a great night!


Karen Stueland said...

It is so helpful to read the blog everyday knowing how she is doing and how everyone is there for her! Tell Beck I am thinking of her!!!!

Hugs, Karen Stueland

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Becky. I had double vision too after my surgery and it went away after a while. In fact, they used to tape one eye so I could do my P.T. It looks like you're in good hands and I'm sure you'll have a speedy recovery.

Talk to you soon.


Anonymous said...

Great news!!!!! Been wanting to call but at same time not wanting to intrude on your family time. You and Harley are always in my prayers. Get strong and get home soon......... You have been and continue to be my inspiration for so many years....
Love You Guys

Anonymous said...

We're so happy to hear how much progress Beck is making so quickly! I am not surprised! Her spirit and enthusiasm for life is an inspiration to us all!
Thank you again for keeping us updated with the blogs:o)
Laura, Cody & Destiny

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone,
Becky again you have amazed me. Just know that my Prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.

GO TEAM!!!!!