Thursday, September 20, 2007

1 week pre surgery agt OHSU in Portland, OR

Quick note-

I cannot take the Tegretol so I stopped that medication Sunday afternoon. THANKFULY I was able to eat again and even cooked and ate a chicken pizza.

I wrote a bunch and just deleted! I am trying to use a laptop keyboard which is hard. I use ergonomic at home.

I was still woozy monday but was able to eat all meals and be productive getting ready.

Skip brought me homemade pear applesauce and Yumi treated us that evening to my favorite yummy thai food! She also helped me polish off all the last getting ready tasks and cleaning.

Everyone's help this past weekend is appreciated more than we can express!

ok. Gotta go!

I am enjoying feeling better and eating food! - Beck :o)


Anonymous said...

That's great, Beck! What wonderful friends!!! Good vibes going out to you. Much love and prayers! Jamie

Karen Stueland said...

Hi Beck and Harley

Sam and I are thinking of you both ALOT these days!!! We are hoping for the best!!! I'll keep my eye on your blog to see how you are doing in Portland!! Thank God you have friends!

Hugs hugs hugs Karen and Sam too