Friday, September 21, 2007

Tranquil Thursday

From "Beaches" by Gideon Bosker and Lena Lenzek -

"Beach bums from infancy, there could only be one place with the power to rock the soul and feed the heart- and that place was and continues to be, the beach."

I had mentioned before about my quest for a peaceful meditative state for my mind to reach upon approaching the surgery. I have always loved being surrounded by nature in many forms but what ignites my passion is water's seductive lure and most notably the mystique of the ocean. There is just something about the flow of water and waves that is hypotic and calms the mind. So naturally, it has been my desire to somehow return to that place in my being and preserve the warm comforting feeling water creates for me for when I most need it. As you know, I made 2 trips to the ocean since July and we are lucky enough to visit it again the week leading up to the surgery.

I can think of nothing more perfect. It is like a dream. I have attained what I was hoping for in mental relaxation prior to facing something I found impossible to bear.

The day was absolutely fantastic. My soul has been nurtured and soothed. It is a dream like I have told you.

Short synopsis:

kicked off our shoes and played frisbee in the sand and the afternoon sun

had conversation of our future with the glorious backdrop of the pounding waves on the beach

frolicked like a little girl dancing among the wet sand and teasing the ocean waves creeping after my feet (something I have only been able to do now after 3 years)

walking among the sand dunes observing all the patterns of the wind, grains of sand, different birds, and various footprints

observing all the little amphipods jumping out of the wet sand as we approached where the waves receded

petting a friendly dog also enjoying the evening at the beach

climbing a dune to get a better view of the waves, beach, and sunset

discovering rocks, shells, and a beautifully designed sand castle

watching pelicans fly overhead and seagulls walking among the beach

watching the powerful waves beat and splash against the rocks at Cape Kiwanda

observing stunning and delicate pink cloud formations overhead from the setting sun

sitting on top of the dune cliff watching the moon cast its light down on the water while the pink and lavendar sunset fades

taking a moonlit stroll back to the beach house in the misty light of dusk

cooking salmon and spinach salad with honey dew melon to close the day

I did have another trigeminal neuralgia attack while cooking dinner tonight. However, I achieved such a state of tranquility that I was able to keep calm and continue preparing our special meal. I am driven to not let it get the best of me. Tomorrow will be our last full day at this little slice of heaven. Saturday (my birthday), we head back to Portland to meet up with my family (sister flying in from Idaho, mom and dad driving up from Veneta near Eugene, my brother and sister in law in Portland). I am looking forward to seeing and spending some time with all of them for a couple days.

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Karen Stueland said...

You wrote beautiful! You should try and write a book! Smile. And i wanted to wish you a wonderful birthday!! Do what you love to do on this special day! Hugs, Karen Stueland