Sunday, September 23, 2007

Where will the tumor go?

One last quick note-

What will become of the tumor tissue once it is removed?

On short notice we were able to still make immediate arrangements for it to be tranfered to Coriell Cell Repositories in New Jersey. There, the cells will be cryogenized (frozen) and catalogued as the 7th NF2 tumor sample of their collection. Because NF2 is a rare disorder there is not a surplus of tissue cells for research. Therefore, they are currently in search of NF2 and schwannoma tumors. Once preserved, the cells will be available for use by any researcher in the world looking for the missing link to cure NF2.

For those who don't know, the founder Dr. Lewis Coriell played a part in bringing the first polio vaccine to the public in 1940. Click on the lighthouse link to learn about the Coriell Institute and what other research they are conducting and specimens in need of donation for their collection.

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toothcoach said...

Hey Beckie,

So nice to read about your week. You have some wonderful family members. I am so pleased you have such a great support system, and I love your I'm gonna win attitude. You guys are all awesome. I praise God for your recovery track..sounds like all is going great. God is good!