Thursday, September 27, 2007

Still a Few Hiccups

Poor Beck had another pretty sleepless night, but was finally able to get a good two hour block of decent sleep very early in the morning. After dinner she felt swell, but as the night wore on, she developed, of all things, acid reflux! So just as she should have been getting to bed, the nausea came back with the reflux on top of it. She got some intermittant fitful sleep, but when she was awake was miserable until about 4:00 am. Not to mention her bathroom breaks just about every two hours on the dot. BUT, about 7:30 this morning, she woke up feeling much better, and even felt well enough to take a walk down the hall and watch as the sun rose next to Mt. Hood. (beautiful) We then worked on a puzzle, ate a great breakfast (and kept it all down) and eventually the Physical Therapists came again. All of the coordination tests they had her do were very challenging, but she did so wonderfully! They had her squatting, and after just a few where someone held her for balance, she could do them on her own! She also did quite a few leg lifting exercises. The neuro-opthamologist met with and did tests on her eyes to try and get to the bottom of the double vision problem. However, she's now up to reading a few of her books (with one eye covered to prevent the double vision when she looks down) and ate all of her lunch this afternoon, too. Things are looking up and the nurses say if she keeps everything down and drinks enough water they'll have her off of the IV in no time. Oh, and while she was feeling good last night, the family played a few games of chinese checkers; Michelle and Denise were the champions! LOL I'll check back tonight, but so far today is going great!


Anonymous said...

Hang in there Beck! Good to see the family not cutting you any slack in the checkers department. I am sure by Friday you will be kicking their asses all over the board. Am I allowed to say that? Please keep posting Michelle and Harley! You both write beautifully. Sar

Anonymous said...

KUDOS BECKY! Great job with the P.T. I'm sure as time goes on you'll notice that your balance has improved. I did after my de-bulking almost 8 years ago. Speaking of which, the double vision my be caused by some medication you might be taking to reduce inter-cranial swelling or to prevent seizures like, Dilantin. I was given Dilantin after my debulking and it gave me shits...pardon my Latin. But, I'm glad you took my advice and covered up one eye so you could concentrate. Keep up the good work! I'm still praying for you! GO BECKY, GO BECKY, GO BECKY, GO BECKY! WHOO HOO!!!

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord and pass the bedpan! She's up! We've all been thinking of you at the TSNW Friday walks. Everyone will be so happy to hear that you're actually up and moving about. Hang in there and I know you'll be home soon.
Love, Janet

Anonymous said...


We are so glad to here you are doing well. We are all thinking of you and will keep praying. Keep up the great work so you can go home as I know your pets probably miss you.


Uncle Al