Saturday, September 15, 2007


I am incredibly sick. I feel like I was either t0ssed upside down on the zipper at the fair or sea sick from 20 foot seas. I hate being nauseated!

This evening I had acid reflux that went up my nose. Ow! I don't know if it is from the steroids or from the Tegretol or the mixture of both but this really bites the big bunion!

I certainly did not expect or foresee myself as being ill BEFORE the surgery. I did not see it coming at all. Still it is better than not having the medicine and having the trigeminal nerve attacks which are very scary, painful, and emotionally exhausting.

I hope this goes away. I don't want to be sick for a week. That would be no fun to be sick on my birthday. Unfortunately I have no choice in the matter.

I just don't like being sick. It makes it very difficult to get things done and get prepared as my stomach churns everytime I get up to do something. I fell asleep earlier on my bed because I was sick after taking the last steroid dose. I don't know if my mistake was making a mango smoothie to take with it that had too much of an acid content. Or maybe I just did not have enough in my stomach to make it agreeable. Of course I have to hold my cookies because there is no way I want to upchuck the dose that keeps the nerve pain at bay.

I don't like being sick.

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Anonymous said...

What a bummer, Beck! I hope tomorrow's better. Let your doc know about the reflux. The med for that is worth taking. Jennette has experience with Tegretol. I forgot what made her switch from it. You're in my thoughts!
Healing hugs, Jamie