Monday, September 24, 2007


Becky's sister Michelle here with an update before the surgery:
We're counting down the minutes until it's Becky's turn to go into the operating room. So far, things have gone smoothly. There were a few wrong turns getting to the hospital at 6:00 this morning so we took the scenic route despite the GPS sytem 'Lola'. Once we got here, the process of just getting ready for surgery has been long, but Becky (as always) has remained in great spirits! I think she's ready to make sure the "evil twins" (what she calls the two large tumors at the back of her head) can't do any more damage to her brainstem and are put in their place... (a research lab! I'm sure she'll post more about that later.) As a family, we're very grateful to everyone who has played a role in helping Becky in her journey. The Odyssey continues and we're learning more everyday about ourselves and NF2, and we're ever more grateful to have Rebecca in our lives. Her fierce determination and will, wonderful spirit, and strength are great reminders of how to truly live and enjoy life to its fullest. Please keep her in your thoughts as she faces yet another challege head-on! Thanks everyone and I'll get another short update out when all systems are go!

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