Sunday, September 30, 2007

Continuation of Homeward Bound by Rebecca

Yes it is true and I am happy to announce that Friday afternoon I was discharged from the hospital and on our way home! Thank you to my beautiful husband and family for EVERYTHING! The blog updates which I was able to read finally today are fantastic! I would love to write some long posts but my fingers are not fully coordinated yet so writing and typing is VERY laborious and slow! I am working on that though. :o) I assure you in due time I will answer all your wonderful messages back as I progress!

It was a very pleasant ride home with a nice little exercise break at a lovely fall rest stop, a trip to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to get pillows I needed for my head (must be elevated while resting and sleeping), and a stop for dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant in the South Center Valley. In addition, I occupied my time between finishing my book "Meeting God At A Dead End" and watching the phenomenal underwater footage of my DVD series "Mysteries of the Deep" by Sport Diver.

The puppies (hehehe well I guess they are 6 now but will always be my puppies/babies) were happy to see us and very gentle. I got them each a toy at the Bath store to share and they were treated to their favorite pig ears.

All went well and I think I actually made a record for the week of getting 6 hours of continuous sleep which only happened when put to sleep under anesthesia for the actual surgery. Wow!!!!!! The much needed rest made for restful and relaxing Saturday!

Thank you all again for your posts, letters, emails, cards (which was fun to open today), flowers (which I LOVE), prayers, encouragement, admiration, help, and the list goes on! Today I had an idea to put everything in a nice scrapbook which my mom is really GOOD at! ;o)


Anonymous said...

Becky I am so glad to hear all went well and that you are home. Let us know how you are doing.

Anonymous said...

Becky glad to see that you are out of the hospital and home again. Thank God all went well. I was keeping an eye on your blog, so I knew what was going on. We will pray for a speedy recovery. Karen

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that everything went good. Its great to hear you are recovering quickly. I've been praying for you.

Karen Stueland said...

Wheeee you are home!!! So glad!! Let me know if you need me to clean your home too. Dont ask me to cook! I hate cooking ha ha unless its simple like macroni and cheese. Hee

Love Karen Stueland

Anonymous said...

What great news to see you are home already, Becky! I'm so glad that things went so well and that you are on the road to recovery. I will pray for a speedy recovery for you, although it sounds like you are well on your way already.