Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Jell-O(h) No!

End of day two, and Becky has finally gotten some sleep today! She tried some food around lunchtime... red Jell-O. It did give her lips a nice rosy color, but it ended up as rosy throw up a few minutes later. So, she's still getting over being sick, presumably from the anesthesia, but she's getting some well needed rest. She's slept for several hours today, but when awake complains of double vision. That is worrisome, but the nurses have said it should fade in a few days, along with the slight swelling she has in her face and hands. As proof of how well she's doing, she was only in the Intensive Care Unit for a half a day. She would have moved out sooner but there weren't any rooms available. Just before 7:00pm, a private room on the general floor opened up and Becky likes it a lot better than the ICU. So do we! There's a nice bed for someone to stay overnight with her and a window facing the other buildings on the OHSU campus. (We just missed getting a room with a window facing downtown Portland.) Hopefully she can hold down some food tomorrow. Until then, I hope she's having dreams about delicious Thai food, the ocean and her puppies Katie and Jake!


Anonymous said...

Rebecca, I had double vision with both my brain surgeries. It went away gradually both times over a few weeks. Gale

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone! Well, now comes the recovery. I thank God that all went well and that you are out of ICU. Our families are so important to us and having them surround you at this time is the best medicine ever. Your extended family is here for you as well. Keep your spirits up. Love and many, many hugs, Aunt Sharilyn

Anonymous said...


I'm so glad to hear that you are out of ICU! Please know that we are thinking about you and praying for you back at NMU. We hope to hear from you soon!